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Adult BMI Calculator
Experts are increasingly urging people to know their BMI, a figure that takes into account not just weight but also height to indicate body fat.
Adult Body Mass Tool
Don’t just trust your scale to tell you if you are too heavy. The tool uses not just what you weigh, but also how tall you are. The goal for most people is a score between 18 and 25.
Baby Due Date Tool
It is important to know your estimated due date in order to help plan for the baby's birth.
Calorie Burn Rate Calculator
The more active you are, the more calories you burn. Running or jogging, for instance, burns more calories than bowling.
Calorie Burn Rate Tool
The tool will provide you with an estimate of how many calories you will burn for the activities listed.
Children's Asthma Peak Flow Calculator
This calculator is for children with asthma. If you know your child's height, you can find his or her predicted peak flow.
Children's Asthma Peak Flow Tool
This tool is for children with asthma. To use this tool, you must have know your child's height.
Children's BMI Calculator
BMI, or body mass index, uses weight and height to calculate weight status for adults. BMI for children and teens also takes into account gender and age because healthy body fatness differs between boys and girls and changes as they grow. This BMI calculator will help you determine if your child is at a healthy weight.
Children's Body Mass Index
The body mass index is a measure of a person's body fat. In children and teens, the index is used to find out if a child is too thin, too heavy, or at risk of becoming too heavy.
Cost of Drinking Calculator
Drinking can be an expensive habit. While you may not notice a dollar here or two dollars there, consider how much you spend per week and per year on alcohol.